Australian Anti-Corruption Certification

“Integrity in Business”

What is AA-CC?

A nationwide register of Australian businesses, partnerships and sole traders who have warranted they have no involvement in corruption, fraudulent activity, criminal activity or bribery.

The declaration by each business is a legal statement that is designed to facilitate commerce and protect from corruption, fraudulent activity, criminal activity and bribery.

Find Australian Anti-Corruption Certified Businesses

Search the AA-CC register and view Australian businesses, partnerships and sole traders who have declared themselves free from corruption, fraudulent activity or bribery. Purchasing from certified companies provides a level of integrity and empowers you to work with corruption free businesses.

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Register your business

By registering your business you are able to list it with other like-minded businesses who operate ethically and with integrity. Provide your business with the recognition it deserves.


Partner with the right Businesses

Peace of mind before entering into business agreements

Ensure the company you are working with is ethical

Gives you the capacity to search and find the right business for you

The Deed

Understand more about the Deed agreement

The deed is an agreed upon set of standards a business enters into

The deed provides clarity and transparency

Deeds can be examined to understand company practices


Register your Business to receive certification

Ensure your company is operating ethically and with integrity

Certification provides recognition and clarification

Connect your business to other AA-CC registered businesses